These Gay Men Have A Dire Warning For Men Against Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

This is great

Young Progressive Voices

The tide is turning in the war for marriage equality, but the DOMA decision has taken the battle state-to-state, and equality has not yet won. In the spirit of that, and in light of the fact that the majority of Americans support marriage equality, let’s remember one thing, guys — if you don’t support marriage equality, gay men will marry your girlfriends. Doubt it? Watch the hilarious video below, and see if you aren’t convinced.

Here’s the video:

If that doesn’t convince you to stand up for gay rights, I don’t know what will!

In all seriousness, despite national victories on major LGBT marriage equality cases, the battle still rages state-to-state. LGBT activists and allies alike must join together in solidarity, in each state, and make sure that the law follows the right path — equality for everyone.

Reposted from Addicting Info with permission.

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