Most women now a days will often complain that all the good men are taken, married or gay. I have to say I agree with most women – all the men that I’ve come to lust after are either TAKEN, MARRIED OR GAY…..or more importantly kpop idols. Now when I think of my dream guy I picture a man who can fix things, is funny and has an accent. Now the accent doesn’t have to be British, Spanish but those will be alright by me. I happen to be in love with southern accents and southern boys in general but I’ll take a good northern gentleman as well.

Now the cowboy I’m looking for is not in fact real a cowboy but more like the old Hollywood cowboy mentality. Like southern gentleman who likes to get his hands dirty and will still respect a woman’s virtue. A guy who can go out a kick a guys ass but come home and handle his woman – in an awesome way. Am I a lady with her head in the clouds and should I go ahead and get with the times and take my video game cowboy who might be a little pale for lack of sunlight but still awesome? I like a guy with hair on his body and who doesn’t use more products on his “do” than I do and a guy who can read a map! I also like guys who are not afratid to get dirty and have a good work ethic – not everyone can be a successful reality tv star!!

I will not be that bitter wench that generalizes ALL men into the TMG (Take, Married or Gay) category – I will say it’s just the men I’ve come across. I will also say it’s not just an issue with men – I have my own issues at well. I do not cook – it just might be my eternal damnation. Out of the 3 sisters – I’m the one who can ruin Ramen. I can cook rice and maybe a little stir fry – so if you want to eat that everyday forever I’m your girl. I’m also a little on the antisocial side – actually I wouldn’t call it antisocial more SHY AS ALL FUCKING GET OUT. Also I have the mouth of a sailor on a bad day – I drop the F bomb way to casually. Most women now a days are not the coy little school teacher that used to live on the prairie. We’ve evolved into either Beyonces, work hard for your money and keep it classy, or the Ke$shas, work hard at partying, party, have sex, work hard at having sex, take vagina shot and send to best friends(facebook) and keep is trashy. Now that is just a generalization – there is a big gray area in there but I dont feel like typing it all out. I’d have to say the gray area I fall under is the Jessica Day of women – quirky and happy but can appreciate a sexy man when she gets her paws on one.

Now back to men and the one I’m looking for – my dream guy would be a mix of Kim Heechul’s vibrant personality, Ock Taecyeon’s goofy ears and teeth and the smooth vocals of K.Will oh and did I mention I’d like for him to drive like Paul Walker and then I’ll need the dorky sarcastic appeal of John Green. I actually have a massive crush on Jack Black – something about that goofy man just gets me every single time. I’m not sure if he is in fact my perfect mix of guys – but he is someone I have always thought was close to my ideal type. I’m actually very weird because my ideal changes every day – one day I want an island boy, next day I’d like a Boston man with that heavy accent and then by Saturday I want a Kpop idol. In my head I can hear Shin Bora doing her Brave Brothers skits about how women are the same as men when it comes to the opposite sex.

I do have something to say in the men’s defense though – as much as we harp about all the good men being taken I think women will sometimes over look a good guy that is right in front of them in search of their perfect man. We always read about nice guys being in love with their best girl friend forever but the girl is forever over looking them for that jerk down the hall with the huge penis. Also girls now a days are a little crazy, I mean they can now stalk the fuck out of you on facebook, twitter and instagram and can get jealous about posts on facebook, instagram and twittr. PLUS lets be honest – the virtue of women has went down a little as well. I’ve seen so many nipples and vaginas on my tumblr while I was looking for cute pictures of kitty’s it crazy – oh but same goes for pictures of dudes and their penises? Damn people keep your clothes on and pick up a new hobby – and for you folks who paying for porn you’re obviously not a member on tumblr because it’s free there.

Time’s have changed, dating styles have changed, men and women have changed and just in general life has changed. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that I still think manners, work ethic and hygiene are 3 things ALL women, except the Ke$has, will find sexy. If you have these things then you already have a leg up on your competition cowboy!! So here is a salute to you nice guys out there : )


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