With all the recent crazy that has been going on – I know that the human spirit has been put through the ringer right now. Why did 4 people have to die at the hands of 2 crazy guys? I might not have personally known any of the victims but I couldn’t help but cry a little for them. They had their entire lives ahead of them and they have died because of the warped perspectives of those brothers. I also feel sorry for all of those who are physically and mentally injured from this ordeal. How can people come back from that?

I keep reading about people killing their kids, shooting up places, going on a stab fest, child soldiers – I even read about a guy cutting off his arms in a Home Depot. How crazy and dark has this world gotten? Then you also need to think about places in the world where this is their EVERYDAY life – war is on their front door everyday. I’m honestly so tired of the level of crazy we’re living in right now.

I’m always asking myself do I really want to bring a child into this world? How much more crazy is going to happen before the world blows up? Is Jesus coming back and that is why all these bad things are happening? I have to admit I’m more nervous about things these days and that makes me sad. We always talk about the good ol’ days but honestly – those days are behind us. My mother told me to that I was now allowed to do the color run now because of what happened. She freaked out telling me not to go to crowded places anymore.

No matter how anxious and sad I get have to remember that there is still good people in the world. At the Boston bombing I saw plenty of heroes running towards the bombings instead of away in order to help the victims. We still have good people in the world out there trying to make a difference. If you’ve never heard of the community of Nerd Fighters then I suggest you look them up. One of our mains goals in life, besides being so darn awesome it’s insane, is to decrease world suck. They do community projects, raise money for good causes and just aspire to be good people.

I know that while the world is going crazy – we still have folks who are going to keep fighting back. I’ll continue to believe in the human spirit because if I don’t…then what? I have to just keep living my life the right way and hope that people will follow my lead.


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