Marriage – 1.The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife

When you look it up in Google that is the definition you get, most people now a days have different definitions. I myself am a firm believer in marriage equality. To me, marriage is the union of two PEOPLE in love, regardless of age, sex, race or gender. I have people of both sides of the fence when it comes to marriage rights. I have super conservative friends that believe homosexuality is wrong and that marriage is only between one man and one woman. I also have lots of gay friends who believe that love is blind and they need the same rights at any married couple.

My opinion on the matter is that marriage should be available to EVERYONE. Coming from a legal view, no religion at all, there is no reason at all why they should not be allowed to get married and get the same benefits as a married couple. If we make laws banning their marriage, that’s discrimination. We are taking a select group of individuals and taking away some of their basic rights that are supposed to be protected under our constitution.

Most people who are claiming that the institution of marriage should be protected – needs to take a closer look at what they are fighting for. As of right now – they feel that marriage is between one MAN and one WOMAN….and that is the only way a marriage is true. Well what about people like Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian? People like this who treat marriage like a cool thing to do with a guy you think you’re in love with. They have the right to run down the aisle with anyone at any time because it’s between one man and one woman. If anyone is harming the true value of marriage it’s crazy ass straight people. Straight people have been getting married, divorced and annulled FOREVER. People treat marriage like it’s nothing because couples have treated it like it’s nothing.

I honestly think that marriage itself should have more laws protecting it. Last time I checked marriage was not just about a big ceremony or party it was a promise to another human being to love, cherish and honor one another in sickness and in health until DEATH DO YOU PART. Not until 30 days in and realize that this was not the same person you dated for 2 months. Not 36 hours in when your buzz wears off and you realize that maybe the trip to vegas was a bad weekend trip. Marriage itself has become a joke, in my eyes anyway. People are not understanding what marriage really is. I think most people these days approach marriage as the next step, maybe not because they really want to do it but because they’d rather not jump back into the dating pool? It’s just sad to see people fighting to hard to protect this idea of marriage they have in their minds but it seems like they are fighting the wrong people.

Another argument was that we should consider the children in same sex marriages. I believe Charles Cooper had brought up procreation as the main reason behind marriage and that gay couples could not procreate. Children would do better with a man and a woman raising them. So infertile couples and older men and women who can’t make babies anymore – you’re not allowed to marry either because you do not have the gift of life. Last time I checked we have plenty of teen moms supplying our orphanages with amazing babies. There are also plenty of AMAZING single parent households that are taking care of their children and not a turning them into serial killers. I know they think in a gay couple will raise  a child that could possibly turn out gay? Um last time I checked,  my straight as hell aunt and straight as hell uncle raised a SUPER FABULOUSLY GAY SON!!  They are married, work regular jobs and they are  pretty much your standard family – one son turned out super gay and the other one turned out super sporty and super not gay.

Now I am a full supporter of EQUALITY – so with that being said I have also say that I respect those people who do not believe in gay marriage.   Most religions will say that marriage is between one man and one woman – but I’m not fighting for your religion to recognize my cousin’s future possible marriage. I’m fighting for his and his partners rights to the same benefits of a married couple. A persons religion should have no say in the legal rights of anyone in this country – that is the main point I think people are missing. If I want to speak my opinion about gay rights, religion or the fact that I love UNC more than DUKE, I have to accept that not everyone’s beliefs are going to be line with mine. I do accept that if you are a Christian,  you might  feel that homosexuality is wrong and I will not tell you that you’re an idiot or a bigot. That is your personal opinion – I will however shoot you down the minute you try to tell me that YOUR truth is absolute. As long as you do not try to tell me I’m wrong in what I choose to believe in then we’ll be fine. I think some people who are pro-equality need to remember that little fact as well.

 Gay rights is this generations civil rights movement, our next round of history books will have these hearings written in them.  Times are changing and so are the people, what might have been considered wrong at one point was eventually proven to be absolutely normal. So hopefully with time and more understanding from BOTH sides, we’ll be able to let everyone get jailed…..er I mean married.


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