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Miss A Suzy needs no introduction

Bae Suzy is a Korean idol, actress, model and MC. She is a member of Miss A and is considered to be the Nation’s Little Sister (TM).

Suzy is widely considered to be among the prettiest, cutest, bestest idols by everyone. She is cute and her acting in Dream High is actually pretty decent. Her turn as Hye Mi had a depth and consistency of character that made me forget that her main profession is being a very pretty member of JYP’s last great girl group hope. She is an average singer but her popularity is undeniable and she eclipses her own group to a greater degree than Hyuna overshadows 4minute. She racks up popularity polls and endorsements like a parched dog laps water. And you know what? It’s hard to disagree. She’s damn pretty and a damn fine performer. Right now, Korea belongs to the new Nation’s Little Sister…

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